Pathway provides a comprehensive educational program within a nurturing, small class environment (12:1) for students grades K-8.

Pathway School understands that no two children learn, develop, or mature at the same pace.  Learning differences touch not only academic skills, but also the entire child and his or her family.  Whatever the specific stumbling blocks to learning, frustration and some level of anxiety almost always accompany them.  At Pathway School, attention is given to the student; individual areas of strength are celebrated, struggles identified, and learning programs carefully developed to meet each child’s needs.

Pathway School has a supportive learning environment where all students have the opportunity to be successful.  We use a variety of multi-sensory instructional approaches and differentiate our curriculum to meet the needs of each student.

Our curriculum is aligned to CA State Standards and is driven by frequent assessment and progress monitoring to determine individual student instructional levels.  In each core content area, we highlight student strengths and target areas of weakness using instructional strategies specific to each child’s learning needs.

We are committed to small group instruction with individualized attention.  Our class size is a maximum of 12 students.