Elementary Program (grades 3-6)

As students move through our elementary program, there is a growing emphasis on developing their organizational and time management skills. Students begin to blossom into confident, independent learners, advocating for themselves and taking responsibility for their choices. Elementary students participate in Pathway’s 1:1 laptop program and learn to integrate technology in a variety of ways.  A focus on character development and social skills remains a constant in our program. Students attend monthly Chapel and monthly one-to-one mentoring with a staff member.

Language arts classes have an instructional assistant during language arts instruction, allowing teachers to address learning needs in small groups or individually.

Math classes are smaller and students are grouped based on their instructional level. This ensures that foundational skills are acquired and those proficient in these skills can move on to higher levels of learning.  These small groups allow for more individualized attention and targeted instruction and intervention.

History, Bible and technology are taught by the classroom teacher, differentiating assignments as needed and allowing technology to be integrated throughout all content areas.

Science is taught by a specialized teacher 2-3 days a week depending upon the grade level and focusing on hands-on learning.

Art and Music/Drama instruction is provided to all students by a specialized teacher one day each week.

Physical Education is taught by a specialized teacher four days each week with a focus on coordination, balance, and skills.