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It is hard to believe that it’s Pathway School’s 16th year of educating the minds, encouraging the spirits and developing the God-Given Potential of Intelligent Children Who Learn Differently.

In the past 16 years, Pathway has changed the lives of hundreds of children who struggled in a traditional learning environment.

Aiden is one of those children. Here is Aiden’s story as told by his mother.

“After only three hours into his trial days at Pathway, the experience was life-changing. The highly rated school he previously attended had informed me Aiden wasn’t behind enough to warrant extra help.  My thinking screamed, “He is slipping right now!  He has a lack of confidence, and he doesn’t have any friends!  He needs help right now!”

By the time, Aiden enrolled in Pathway, he was no longer thriving.  For Aiden, Kindergarten began with immediate struggle; he was isolated in class and on the playground. First grade was, “Terrible” and he began to articulate that he felt different from the other kids. By second grade, his teacher was unable to help him. He timidly recoiled at the idea of accepting an award for classroom achievement, fearing even greater bullying than he had previously encountered.

Excitedly, after his first day at Pathway, Aiden exclaimed, “The teachers know how to teach ME!”  He felt included and he no longer felt different from the other kids.  At Pathway, Aiden routinely exited the building slowly because he was staying behind to talk with his buddies at the end of the day.  “There were no more feelings of exclusion or failure to fit in. Aiden is socially engaged, academically engaged, and all have been positive.  Aiden has friends!  He is thriving.  We aren’t going anywhere!”

According to Aiden’s mom, there have been “Un-be-liev-able,” changes, in Aiden’s life because of Pathway school. Now Aiden has confidence, he is challenged academically, and he is making continual progress with his reading and math. Aiden has overcome his fear of public speaking and even landed a lead role this past year in Back to the Cross, the Pathway musical!

In 2017, Aiden created a campus buzz when he founded the Monarch Butterfly Protection Club.  He demonstrated leadership, organizational, and self-advocacy skills as he designed and submitted his proposal for the Club.

He planned for the butterfly facility, its care, and implemented that plan.  His detailed proposal was evidence of his ingenuity and forethought as well as proved his ability to work with people.

Aiden’s mom is excited about Aiden’s future,

“There are so many possibilities now when there weren’t before.  Now Aiden fully understands what he is capable of doing.  I can easily see him pursuing a career as an engineer or being involved with aerospace.  He can advocate for himself and knows how he learns best.  He learns visually and by being involved with hands-on activities.  He can apply that knowledge at home or anywhere.  He has confidence that he can do great things!  I’m excited to see where Aiden is going to go, what he is going to become.  I’m not full of worry anymore, but just really, really excited!”

The positive impact on Aiden’s life is phenomenal but there are thousands of more students like Aiden that can be helped with your assistance.

Current studies show that 2.4 million students are identified with learning disabilities and data suggests that an additional 15% struggle due to unidentified or unaddressed learning issues.

This is why the specialized education Pathway provides is so important. To give hope for the future to those students who learn differently.

Unfortunately, there are many that don’t even have the chance to have their lives impacted because of their family’s inability to afford the tuition.

This year, our goal is to raise $200,000 to cover the costs of tuition for those in need.  Your gift today will ensure that other children, like Aiden, will be able to succeed and thrive.

You can make a difference today to ensure students like Aiden don’t become a statistic.

Would you help Pathway School continue to educate the minds, encourage the spirits and develop the God-Given Potential of Intelligent Children Who Learn Differently by making your donation today?

Thank you in advance for your generous donation. Your gift will change a life like Aiden’s.


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