Michaela Ellis

Michaela Ellis has been married to her college sweetheart, Lou, for 19 years. Together, they have three wonderful sons, ages 15, 14 and 12 years old. Their 14-year-old son is a Pathway student and currently in 8th grade. They have been at Pathway school for 4 years and say that their experience has been very impactful for both their son and family. Michaela became a Pathway School Board so that she could contribute and assist the school with its further development.

Michaela worked for the YMCA, a non-profit, Christian organization, for 17 years until she resigned to spend more time focusing on her three sons. While at the YMCA, she worked with parent advisory committees, program development committees and the board of directors. Michaela was responsible for managing budgets totaling over $2 million, interviewing, hiring and training staff for school age child care programs, as well as committee outreach, marketing, and fundraising for my department.

In addition to her work at the YMCA, she has a Bachelor of Science degree in Education Psychology and Sports Medicine from Coe College.

Currently Michaela works as a substitute in the Special Education department of Capistrano Unified School District. There, she assists teachers with the implementation of curriculum in SDC classes or one-on-one with specific students as an independent facilitator.