Kevin K., 6th grade father

Great school. Great people. I have witnessed the staff give each student tailored attention to their strengths and weakness. I can’t wait for my daughter to start their summer school program!

Tori R., 4th and 6th grade mother

My two children attend Pathway, and the impact on our family has been a miracle. The teachers and administration truly care and have worked tirelessly to help my kids. I’m deeply grateful!

Jenny K., 8th grade mother

Because of Pathway, there is hope for a bright future for our son in school. We have seen so much growth in one year! He is involved, loves it and making great friends along the way. The staff is so wonderful too!

Craig B., 2nd and 3rd grade father

Pathway School is a unique educational environment that every child should have the opportunity to experience. In addition to individual attention each child is taught in the way he or she learns. There are many children here that did not succeed in other environments because they did not fit the teaching style and emphasis of where they come from and are absolutely flourishing at Pathway. With its emphasis on character and accountability, Pathway is an encouraging environment for children to succeed in all ways.

Shannon F., 8th grade mother

Our son has been fortunate enough to attend Pathway School since he was in 1st grade. He is now a confident 8th grader and has found happiness and success at Pathway both academically and socially for the past 7 years.

Karen G., 7th grade mother

We were blessed to find to find a school that was geared to lifting up our son’s strengths and self-esteem while teaching him how to understand and manage his ADHD so that he could take the these tools forward and succeed not only in school, but in life. I can’t even begin to tell you of the gift this school has been to us and our son.

Penny B., 3rd grade mother

Our son started attending Pathway School this year, and it has already made a huge difference in his academic and social development. Our son has really blossomed and even our family members have noticed a change. He walks with his head high and with more confidence; which warms our hearts and puts smiles on our faces.

Amy J., 4th grade mother

We enrolled our daughter in January at Pathway and she has made amazing progress. Pathway is a special school designed for students that learn differently. It has literally been life changing for our daughter and us. We absolutely love this school.

April B., 2nd and 3rd grade mother

In the school we had our son in prior to Pathway, he was withdrawn dreaded going everyday. This attitude changed almost immediately when he began to attend Pathway. Pathway has a philosophy of teaching children in the way they learn while promoting encouragement and accountability. We were so encourage by our son’s experience last year, we enrolled his 7 year old twins bothers.

Kevin C., 6th grade father

From day one our daughter has come home with a smile and a feeling of accomplishment. Everyday on her own account she has to do her homework right away. This is truly an act of God, as we have never seen this side of her. We are truly grateful; beyond words to watch this transformation.