School Director's Letter

Welcome to Pathway School

Pathway has had a powerful impact on the lives of the students and their families since 2003. At Pathway, we understand that all children learn differently and that not all children can find success in a traditional classroom setting. Pathway educates and equips students who struggle in a traditional classroom by providing them with skills and strategies to grow academically, socially, and spiritually.

We provide a small group approach to learning within a culture that instills confidence, respect, self-worth, and a growth mindset. We ensure that no student falls between the cracks at Pathway. We recognize the unique qualities, gifts, and needs of each student and strive to help our students build upon their strengths while honoring their learning challenges. Our highly qualified staff employs research-based teaching strategies that complement the students’ individual learning styles and allows them to overcome the obstacles blocking their way to academic success. Our staff compassionately assists students that may struggle with social skills to build those skills and develop positive social relationships.

At Pathway, we pride ourselves on a feeling of family and connectedness. We are in constant communication with our families. We value the investment of time and resources our families devote to Pathway. We are a private Christian nonprofit school and are able to continue to provide an excellent education to students with learning challenges due to the generous support of our Board members, Pathway families, and individual, foundation, and corporate donors.

It is truly a blessing to serve our children and families as the Director of Pathway School.

Lisa Corley

2020-2021 School Reopening Plan

Our plan for reopening in the fall is now available. These plans are subject to change based on local, state, and government guidelines and mandates.