Goal Setting for Children

goals-262x300Does your child have a hard time knowing how and when to set goals? This article outlines the steps and some ideas for supporting them in developing this important skill.

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Setting goals for ourselves is a great first step to teaching our children about setting goals. But talking about setting your goals and actually obtaining them are two different things. It’s the old show and tell, where show makes all the difference. Therefore set a small goal for yourself to your child in the morning. “Today my goal is to paint the garage, I’ve been wanting to do that for so long.”

Then with your child write down how you will obtain this goal. Something like:

  1. First, I will drive to the store and buy the materials I need.
  2. Second, I will power wash the garage to get all the dirt off.
  3. Third, I will begin painting.

Allow your child to be involved in your goal, have them help you paint a portion of the garage (or whatever small goal you want to accomplish.) Once the garage is completed show some enthusiasm, and be sure to reward yourself and your child. “We did a great job, we accomplished our goal and now we are going to celebrate.”

One small goal and one day of obtaining that goal will set the groundwork for your child to learn how to set and obtain their own goals.

Grades K-6th

Sit down with your child and help them think of the most important goal they would like to obtain. Have them write or draw the goal they would like to achieve, follow that with a picture or a writing of what that will look like once the goal is completed. Help your child make their plan of action, how will they obtain this goal? For example, perhaps your child wants to teach the dog how to sit and shake hands.

Have them write out what he will need to complete this goal, which would be doggy treats. It is also a good idea to write out how long this goal will take and how much time they will be able to work on their goals; three days a week after school for ten minutes.

Hang the sign up in an area where your child can see it daily, like the refrigerator or a corkboard in his room. Do what you can to help your child reach his goal, purchase the treats and cheer him on with every sign of accomplishment.

When he successfully accomplishes this goal be sure to reward him in some manner, whether that be a congratulations cake, his favorite meal or a BBQ with all his family and friends celebrating his accomplishment. He should feel proud of this achievement.

Main points to address:
  • Have him write out his goal.
  • Have him write his steps to accomplishing his goals, how long this will take and the things needed to accomplish this, as well as when the goal will be completed and a schedule for devoting time to the goal.
  • Hang the goal up in an area that your child can see daily.
  • Cheer him on with every accomplished step.

Resources that can help you in your venture include:

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