Homework doesn’t have to be a bad word!

Our Pathway students haven’t taken the big dive into homework yet this year, but it’s coming! Our staff spoke at Stowell Learning Center, not too long ago, about how to make this struggle with your child(ren) easier, and maybe even productive and enjoyable! Read more about 3 things to reinforce to make things run more smoothly at home when those assignments start rolling in at http://www.learningdisability.com/articles/winhomeworkbattle.htm.

Pathway teachers are hoping not to see the following happen this year:


Let’s laugh about it now, but really – we can conquer the homework difficulties before they become a reality! The Pathway staff is rooting for you. We want our students to be successful at school and at home.

-Mrs. Green

2020-2021 School Reopening Plan

Our plan for reopening in the fall is now available. These plans are subject to change based on local, state, and government guidelines and mandates.