Program Enrichment

Music and Drama

Each year Pathway puts on a wonderful musical play. Every student has a role in making the performance a success. Students have contributed through planning, set painting, brainstorming props, lighting, singing, dancing, and acting. Many Pathway students have discovered their gift for performance through the annual musical. It is a highlight of the school year for parents, staff, and students!

Staff teacher playing piano for music and drama
Student boy on iPad technology in classroom


In today’s world, students require technological skills. At the elementary and middle school level, students are using a laptop daily and learning how to leverage technology in a way that helps them be most successful in their academic and creative lives. Among many topics, students are formally instructed on the use of more advanced word processing, presentation software, creating multimedia projects, research, and safety.


Once a month all classes put math into practice in the kitchen! Our students love “cooking days” and look forward to working together while learning about measurement, ratios, and skills needed to whip up delicious treats.


Many of our students are enthusiastic about using their creative talents. During their time in the art studio, students learn how to apply various artistic techniques and have created some truly beautiful work. It is a joy to watch as students uncover their artistic abilities — especially those who used to think they did not have it in them!

2020-2021 School Reopening Plan

Our plan for reopening in the fall is now available. These plans are subject to change based on local, state, and government guidelines and mandates.