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Pathway educates and equips students who struggle in a traditional classroom by providing them with skills and strategies to grow academically, socially, and spiritually.

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March 13, 2020
Dear Pathway Families,
We wanted to let you know that we have been following very closely the updates on the Coronavirus. The Pathway Board and administration has decided to take a proactive stance in regarding to the safety of our children and families. The Orange County Health Care Agency (OCHCA) and the California Department of Health have confirmed that there are no confirmed cases of coronavirus in Orange County schools. OCHCA continues to share that the risk of infection in Orange County is believed to be low at this time, but several of our students have compromised immune systems and we want to protect our students and families.
The Pathway Board has determined that it is best to close Pathway as of Monday, March 16th, with a plan to reopen on April 13th. The Board will reevaluate the situation the week of April 6th and we will let parents know if the plan needs to change.
Chromebooks and cords were sent home today with students in anticipation of the need to temporarily close. All of our grades 3-8 classrooms use Google Classroom and Google Drive and will continue to use these platforms to assist in providing learning during the time of closure. Teachers and I are meeting met this afternoon and will meet again on Monday and Tuesday to further plan for the closure. We are unable to provide instruction for you for Monday or Tuesday of next week, but we encourage you to have your child read each day.
Below is our initial plan to provide our students with continued learning.
K-2 Students: Your child has everything he needs for language arts in his binders that went home today except, they have one week of their quick write which is a writing warm up. Mrs. Artiano will email their guided reading assignments. Mrs. Artiano will create a packet for all other subjects. These packets will be emailed to parents for you to print, have students complete, then scan and return. If you prefer, please let her know and she will create a hard-copy packet that you can either pick up or it can be sent to you and then completed and returned weekly.
Grades 3-8 Students: Teachers will email you with information about Google Classroom and how assignments will be given and when they are due. We will be providing instruction in English language arts, math, history, science, and an optional art lesson each week. We will not be providing instruction for the next three weeks in Bible, social skills and physical education, these are interactive in nature and do not lend themselves to independent learning.
Reading and math intervention: If your child participates in reading intervention you will receive an email from Mrs. Zysman with information to continue their intervention. If your child participates in math intervention, you will receive an email from Mrs. Green with information to continue their intervention.
The work that students do during this time will be graded and will be a part of their report card grades.
Teachers will be available beginning Wednesday, March 18th from 9-noon daily for phone/Facetime conversations with parents or individual help for students. Their afternoons will be set aside for continued planning of lessons throughout the school closure. However, if you cannot be available from 9-noon and need to speak with a teacher just email or text them and let them know and they will make arrangements to be available for you and your child.
If your child was not at school today, please give us a call and make arrangements to come pick up their laptop or Chromebook on Monday.
We know what your child is able to accomplish at school, but we also know that things are often difference when working with a parent. Please let us know how it’s going and if we need to make adjustments for your child. Our hope is that for many of our students this will be a time of growth in independence. This is new territory for all of us and we know that there will be bumps in the road before we are back together with our regular program. Please be patient with your children and with us as well during this unprecedented and somewhat scary time. Timothy 1:7 reminds us “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”
Keeping you and your children in our prayers.
Karen Walker, Ed.D.
Principal, Pathway School

What People Think of Pathway School

We were blessed to find to find a school that was geared to lifting up our son’s strengths and self-esteem while teaching him how to understand and manage his ADHD so that he could take the these tools forward and succeed not only in school, but in life. I can’t even begin to tell you of the gift this school has been to us and our son.

Karen G. 7th grade mother

We love Pathway; we can’t say enough about it. We needed to find a place where our son can flourish, grow and become the successful student we knew he could be. He is in his fourth year at Pathway and he loves his school. He has more confidence, he knows his learning style and all the students are his friend. We are impressed with how much the staff cares for the students and the loving support they provide.

Penny B. 3rd grade mother

Great school. Great people. I have witnessed the staff give each student tailored attention to their strengths and weaknesses. I can’t wait for my daughter to start their summer school program!

Kevin K. 6th grade father

Our son has been fortunate enough to attend Pathway School since he was in 1st grade. He is now a confident 8th grader and has found happiness and success at Pathway both academically and socially for the past 7 years.

Shannon F. 8th grade mother

My two children attend Pathway, and the impact on our family has been a miracle. The teachers and administration truly care and have worked tirelessly to help my kids. I’m deeply grateful!

Tori R. 4th and 6th grade mother

Because of Pathway, there is hope for a bright future for our son in school. We have seen so much growth in one year! He is involved, loves it and making great friends along the way. The staff is so wonderful too!

Jenny K. 8th grade mother

Pathway School is a unique educational environment that every child should have the opportunity to experience. In addition to individual attention each child is taught in the way he or she learns. There are many children here that did not succeed in other environments because they did not fit the teaching style and emphasis of where they come from and are absolutely flourishing at Pathway. With its emphasis on character and accountability, Pathway is an encouraging environment for children to succeed in all ways.

Craig B. 2nd and 3rd grade father

We enrolled our daughter in January at Pathway and she has made amazing progress. Pathway is a special school designed for students that learn differently. It has literally been life changing for our daughter and us. We absolutely love this school.

Amy J. 4th grade mother

In the school we had our son in prior to Pathway, he was withdrawn dreaded going everyday. This attitude changed almost immediately when he began to attend Pathway. Pathway has a philosophy of teaching children in the way they learn while promoting encouragement and accountability. We were so encouraged by our son’s experience last year, we enrolled his 7 year old twin brothers.

April B. 2nd and 3rd grade mother

From day one our daughter has come home with a smile and a feeling of accomplishment. Everyday on her own account she has to do her homework right away. This is truly an act of God, as we have never seen this side of her. We are truly grateful; beyond words to watch this transformation.

Kevin C. 6th grade father

We absolutely LOVE Pathway school! My son’s teacher is amazing and he has grown in every area from his confidence to academia to social awareness. The staff and students at Pathway are so wonderful and we couldn’t be more happy to have found such an incredible school!

Jamie P. kindergarten mother

Mission Statement

Pathway educates and equips students who struggle in a traditional classroom by providing them with skills and strategies to grow academically, socially, and spiritually. 

 Pathway School builds confidence, social skills, and academic success in a safe, Christian environment 

for children with learning challenges.  We recognize each child’s unique qualities, gifts, and needs, build upon their strengths, and overcome barriers to learning. Our teachers use programs and research-based teaching strategies targeted to meet the needs of children who learn differently; all to ensure a positive future for each child we serve. 

Two girls students reading studying

The Pathway Experience

As students spend time at Pathway, they experience academic success and are encouraged to develop their areas of strength. Our students learn their unique learning style and become advocates for their optimum instructional experience. They develop their ability to think critically about the world around them. Students leave Pathway with an increased level of self-confidence, independence and social awareness, embracing a hope for their future. 

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Pathway Student Goals

Student goals - auditory, kinesthetic, visual

A Pathway student understands their unique learning style.

  • Knows their learning style and learning style strategies
  • Advocates for their learning style 
  • Applies learning strategies that support their learning style

A Pathway student shows academic growth in reading, writing and math.

  • Develops a positive work ethic and study skills
  • Develops executive functioning skills, such as being a self-starter, problem solver, independent and responsible
Student singing and talking into microphone

A Pathway student is an effective communicator.

  • Expresses thoughts clearly and correctly in verbal and written communication 
  • Advocates for their needs 
  • Understands and demonstrates positive interaction with peers and adults

A Pathway student is growing in their understanding of Jesus.

  • Knows the character traits of Jesus
  • Demonstrates the character traits of Jesus in words and actions
Books - Adventure Bible, chapter books